Oh my its been 45yrs "but you always been on my mind"

by Samuel Pine sr
(No Dighton Mass USA)

Gettin stung by a yellow jacket is painful but nothing
close to gettin stung by a Ford. The venum has been in my blood stream all these years, and I'm at the age of a "just one
more time". On ebay I tell my kid get it, buy it whatever. It has to be a plain ole black touring, thats what I want.
So we come upon a so called barn fresh laser straight
'23 with the engine in a million boxes. Got the bid, got the car. I never thought my back would survive the trip but a new
F350 whisper quiet diesel, a tv on the dash and a 10 ton trailer
I thought I was in a Lincoln. Ah the power of kids with a job. The owner took it apart cause he didnt like the valves. Thats where I come in (own machine shop). The plan
machine valve seats, stainless valves, Ok I got .0015 across the board on bearings, 3 days for the seats, mill
boring, dont like interupted cuts. Nobodys has adj lifters
so I went back to the time consuming valve lashing. Not
want to be long winded some pics not in order, but then
I learn on U tube how to sew a top, guy gave me a duck
boat canvas , plus I sewed curtins. Now I'm a seemstress.
Dont think I'll show paint it rather get horse hay a little chicken shit on the hood, and get a Christmas tree roped on the roof. These were made for that, use it. Oh it got bored
.030 alum pistons too, & carefully balanced.
Another Note on this site "T's in the snow" how do I contact the pic "Don from Mass" the building; Somerset
Realistate and Hartly Pork Pies" thats right down the street County St Somerset, Mass. I'm down the road Dighton
Mass. Just wanting another T friend
Samuel Pine & Sons Machine and Fab Works

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