Model T Ford Restoration Help

This Model T Ford page has been designed to provide you with a high level overview of many ways to deal with restoration issues associated with the Model T Ford. Whether it be paint stripping, rust removal or treatment and preservation methods, to finishes for bodywork and the chassis or timber work, brightwork or upholstery, there should be something here for you.

Stripping/Cleaning methods Read about chemical and physical methods for cleaning and stripping your project here as well as links to services to help.
Treatment and preservation methods Read about treatment and preservation methods here. You'll find links to various methods and products too.
Brightwork and interior finishes Read about different finshes and treatments for brightwork and interiors here as well as useful links to suppliers and services.


Readers should note: The information and links provided here, are a collection of experiences, opinions and services offered by others. I urge you to research your particular interest thoroughly before deciding which if any of the information is pertinent to you. Although I have personal experience with some of these, I cannot be repsonsible for the decisions and actions you may choose to take.

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