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This page has been included to show you some of enormous range of Model T Ford and related items that are available for sale around the world RIGHT NOW! Whether it is spare parts from sellers on the parts suppliers page, or T enthusiasts from the world over, selling off unwanted or needed parts current and out of print and books or downloadable copies of period information, its all here.

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Model T Ford and Henry Ford Books

There are quite a few books written on the T Ford and Henry Ford, as you could imagine.

These are just a few:

  • The English Model T Ford
  • Any colour- So long as its black. (The Model T design from 1906-08)
  • The Legendary Model T Ford
  • Ford Model T - The car that put the world on wheels
  • Ford Model T Manual 1915-1925
  • From here to obscurity - An illustrated history of the Model T Ford 1909-1927

Some are out of print and others current, but pretty much all are available from various books sellers and specialist "out of print" sellers and specialist motoring book stores.
These are some I've used to source references. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

I’ve found Abe Books to be particularly helpful as they show copies for sale, available from a number of sellers. Books can be either new or used condition and this is a great help when trying to find out of print books a well as popular current editions.

Visit Pitstop Motoring Bookshop

For Aussie visitors (although they also mail overseas) I have found Pitstop Motoring Bookshop to have a great range of titles. Visit Pitstop Motoring Bookshop

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Need a Model T Reference or history book? Click here: Model T Fords

For books on Vintage, Veteran and Classic car books have a look here: Antique cars

and for car restoration books, try these: Car restoration

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