Gone Fishin

by tyrone thomas
(Topeka, Kansas)

This story is about my late father-in-law. Clarence McDaniel grew up in the small town of Michigan Valley, Kansas. To describe how small the town was, when the High School basketball teamed played other schools, Michigan Valley High had to borrow reserve players from the opposing school.
Back when Clarence was a young teen, the majority of his family lived close by. He had a spinster aunt who enjoyed fishing at a nearby creek. She owned a T coupe. What year coupe I don't know. Getting into her advanced age, her knees would no allow her to work the cars pedals. When she wanted to go fishing, she would call Clarence's folks to ask if he could drive her to the creek.
Again because of her poor legs she was unable to sit on the bank of the creek. So she would have him drive the T down into the low water creek and she would hold her fishing pole out the car window.

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