Model T Ford

Why donate?

Why is this donate button on the site?

Donate to help keep running - every bit helps.

Quite simply, I started this site as an extension of my interest in the Model T Ford Hobby. A way to help share information, photo's and technical information on the Model T Ford (amongst other features)

I takes a lot of time to produce and maintain this site, but I do it because I enjoy it.

Unfortunately, running a website also incurs a financial cost that I personally pay. The advertising on this site is mostly free, so I hope that other Model T enthusiasts will consider donating, even a small amount to help cover the costs of this site.

This will also help add more features to the site in the future, such as the transmission animation page that led you here.

If you click on the Donate button, you'll get redirected to a secure Paypal page. No you don't have to have a paypal account! You might notice however, that it shows my name trading as... This is a legal requirement in Australia and refers to my other site for growing your own vegetable gardens (another hobby), don't worry, it's still me, Chris and Modeltcentral.

So, if you can afford even a few cents or dollar/s, it'll help this site continue.

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