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This page is dedicated to the Model T Ford Tourer. Of the 25 million Model T's made over its 19 year production run, the Tourer model survives in the greatest numbers, most likely purely because of the sheer numbers made. Below, you'll find images of Tourers from all around the world. Note in particular, the body differences that occurred as a result of local content, particularly evident in Australian cars, and also one submitted from France.

1920's Tourer 1920 Tourer 1920 Tourer
1920's Tourer owned by Bob Frink of Washinton USA. 1920 Tourer Number 4328320 owned by Otto Baron of California USA. 1920 Tourer owned by Kent Bengtsson, Falkenberg, Sweden.

1923 Tourer 1923 Tourer 1924 French Bodied Tourer

1923 Tourer 1923 Tourer owned by Bob Sanders (Coco at the wheel) in Alabama, USA. 1924 French bodied Tourer by Rousset, Lyon France owned by Olivier Chabanne.
French Tourer Photos

1924 Tourer 1925 French Bodied Tourer 1927 Australian Tourer
1924 Tourer in Nebraska, USA.

Nebraska Tourer photos
1925 Tourer in Bordeaux, France. 1927 Australian Bodied Tourer owned/driven by Keith & Ross Davidson, Wando Bridge, Australia.>
More Australian Tourer photos

More US Tourers

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