1927 Tudor Sedan

by Dennis Halpin
(Englewood Fla. USA)

This is the only original Model T I've ever owned. I bought it the first day it was offered for sale. It had been sitting idle for 15 years but it would still run.
I had planned on making a "time capsule" 50's era, Flathead V8 powered Hot Rod out of it. I soon decided that it was just too original to modify. I even have the key for the door lock. That was a few years (and a whole lot of money) ago.
"Ol' Lizzie" is now a "daily driver", rebuilt from the fan to the U-joint, with a brand new radiator and top. It was painted and upholstered probably sometime in the 1950's and otherwise, it's an 83 year old "used car" complete with dings, scratches and a couple rust holes in the fenders and so it shall remain.
However, since I'm still a life long Hot Rodder, with a long list of Rods & Customs behind me, I just couldn't leave the engine alone but I couldn't see making a bunch of modifications to the (numbers matching) original engine either. I had "Gen III Antique Auto" find me a block and crank and build it to the hilt. The new engine is "blue printed", balanced, ported, polished, with a high lift cam, stainless valves, adjustable lifters, aluminum pistons, aluminum intake manifold, modified Holley NH carb, a high compression head, VW distributor, lightened flywheel, 12V alternator and starter, Kevlar bands in the transmission and much more.
The complete, running, original engine in is stored in a crate. I wont do anything to this car that can't return to 1927 specs. But I bought it to drive, not to just look at and I drive it often.

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