1920 Model T Touring

by Chris Chestney
(LeRoy, Illinois, U.S.A.)

1920 TT

1920 TT

Hello friends,

I have had the opportunity to work with Chris, via e-mail, on my restoration project, and let me tell you...he was very helpful whenever I needed a hand.

I received my 1920 TT from my father 2 years ago when he told me..."OK son, I'm tired of this thing, it's about time you step up and accept the challenge". My grandfather built this car in the mid 1980's and gave it to my father. It took about three months before I told my father that "I was up for the challenge".

It has been an enjoyable project getting to "know" my new car inside and out. I removed the body from the frame and started rebuilding. With a few minor setbacks, two years later I have my T on the road. What a joy it is to drive something that you have your heart and soul into. I still have some body work to do, but tell me...is a project every really finished?!? :)

May your car days be as enjoyable as mine have.


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