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1925 runabout?

Well it's not mine but a buddy of mine took this photo somewhere out by Edwards AFB, CA. Would love to hear the stories this old car could tell about

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1920 Model T Touring

Hello friends, I have had the opportunity to work with Chris, via e-mail, on my restoration project, and let me tell you...he was very helpful whenever

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1927 Aussie Model T

This T was originally bought by my Father's mate for the tyres during the war years, then sold to my Dad for 5 pounds. It was then used as a run about

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1925 Model T Runabout

This 1925 Model T Runabout I owned for about 2 years, It's located in Covington, Washington.

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1927 roadster

Just a good ol T. Older restoration. Our summer family reunion, go fishin car. We are a FORD Family. One of 7 Model T's. Jerry

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1922 T 4 door

Grandpas 1922 Model T. Bought new. Picture taken around 1927. My dad, Wilbert Passehl, born in 1920, is hanging onto the door handle. Dad is 93 today

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Oh my its been 45yrs "but you always been on my mind"

Gettin stung by a yellow jacket is painful but nothing close to gettin stung by a Ford. The venum has been in my blood stream all these years, and I'm

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1926 Touring

This a barn find and it's going to stay that way.Anyone can can make a car shiny.

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1924 Touring.

1924 unrestored touring. Runs great. In front of Great Grand Dad's 140 + year old house during snow in Rock Mills Alabama.

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Wanna Be 23T Roadster

I picked up this rolling chassis and drive train and am now into the wood and body parts to finish it. I have a line on a body and I am now in the process

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