1926 Model TT Ford One Ton Truck

by Mike Stockard

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2007

This is my TT One Ton truck (with the kids on board)
The truck was half restored when I got it in 2005. I got it from the original owner's son. I did a lot of work to it to get it where it is today and I still have more work to do.

Some of the accessories on it are the Jumbo Giant auxiliary transmission with reverse, over, under, and direct drive gears. I also have a Lincoln auxiliary trans that I want to add in the future. It has an Anco Evenheat manifold, a United aircleaner, a Sparton horn, and a steering wheel lock.
You can see more photo's and a video of my truck here

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Jun 14, 2013
Looking good!
by: John Palmer


I found your video very helpful, I am just about to embark on a total rebuild of a ton truck myself. I have rebuilt a T Tourer twice in 14 years so have very good background knowledge of all the mechanicals and if it comes out anything like yours I will be very happy indeed. Perhaps you can help with some parts if I can't get them here in the UK?

Jan 19, 2013
Model TT
by: Anonymous

This truck looks just the way I like it and the way I will love to to have me one :-)too bad they are so old wich makes them hard to find.

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